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How To Turn A Family BBQ Into A Child’s Dream

How To Turn A Family BBQ Into A Child’s Dream

While the majority of English-speaking people prepare to deal with cold weather, Australia is about to enter its summer. Aussies throughout the country get ready to enjoy longer days, with plenty of sun and warmer temperatures. Regardless of ages and ethnicity, schedules fill up with picnics, nature walks, and the occasional social event.

For centuries, barbecuing played a vital role in Australian culture. Families always saw these practices as a way to come together, blow off some steam, and share a meal. Even today, BBQs remain a common part of the nation’s daily life.

Making It Fun For Everybody

In the eyes of a child, though, sitting still and sharing anecdotes is all but an entertaining experience. When asked to attend a BBQ, children will often get bored. Eventually, these little humans could wander off, get in trouble, and even hurt themselves.

Luckily, there’s an easy but effective solution to this problem. With just a bit of effort, you can turn just about any family gathering into a child’s dream.

Set up Dedicated play areas:

The best way to prevent a child from getting a bruise is simply removing anything that could harm them. If you can afford the space, transform part of your yard into a dedicated play area.

All of the kids in the family will have a place where they can go wild without risking to disturb other attendees or to need an unplanned trip to the emergency room!

Offer Delicious but healthy foods:

Eating is a fundamental part of any BBQ. When it comes to choosing, adults will often prefer a selection of meats, fish, and good-tasting wines. To a child, though, these items hardly sound appealing. Coming up with a balanced menu that your kids will also find interesting, though, is a highly daunting challenge.

While planning your next family reunion, steer clear of chips, fatty snacks, and carbonated sodas. Instead, let imagination take over for a while. Present the whelps with fruit juices, smoothies, and veggie-based appetizers. In the blink of an eye, you’ll both have their attention and provide them with plenty of important nutrients.

Encourage Socialization and group activities:

Boredom often stems from lack of engagement. While at a BBQ, a child that’s surrounded by adults has little chance of being social. In turn, this pushes them to interact with their parents, isolate or simply try to integrate with the group.

You can prevent all of these outcomes by encouraging a variety of tailored group activities. Sports tournaments and team-based challenges are a great way to help your kids strengthen friendships and to keep them occupied. If space is an issue, remember that board games also work extremely well!

In Conclusion

Although you might enjoy sitting in the sun and dozing off while the grill does its job, your kids probably won’t.

With the right approach, a nice menu, and a bit of work, though, you can make these social events as pleasant for them as they are for you. Not only you’re going to your children a favour, other members of your family are also going to benefit from your dedication!

This article was written in collaboration with Barbecue Bazaar, a family owned business that sells barbecue grills and outdoor kitchen accessories.

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