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About Me

Kids Party Time is a Blog and Directory of Party Vendors and where I share ideas and information, from party event planners, mums and others from around the world on the web.

The Directory is of Party Vendors from around Australia that can assist you or even plan your childs next birthday party.

We can be your guide to help you find the best ideas and vendors for your next party.

It will be my mission to make it easier to find the ideas and vendors for your next child’s birthday party or celebration.

I am a grandmother with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren and I use to love organising birthday parties for my daughters, almost every year. Although these days, I see that there is so much more available and more accessible, due to the internet and social media and stay at home mums able to create what they love doing and help support their family

I have been a website creator / web designer for many years now.  I am now based in Redcliffe, Brisbane and live with my youngest daughter and her two children – Eli 2 and Sabella 5.

I am now concentrating on creating new websites,  updating websites, as well as social media and SEO for my clients – I work from home – so I can be sometimes classified as the stay at home nanny.

The reason behind Kids Party Time, was to give myself something to play with – full explanation of PLAY is that, I love researching information online and also learning new things – so this makes it easier for me to learn new things, in a real situation and help others at the same time.

I have loved supporting women, doing what they love and assisting them to make their business profitable – which means helping them to support themselves.

When I was younger, I could only create my new businesses with passion and love.

If you would like to list your business with us please Submit your Business Details – there is a FREE listings available, for Vendors around Australia.

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